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Q:Where do you draw your inspiration from to write poetry? 

 A:I get inspiration from listening to R & B/ Hip Hop like Biggie and Tupac, life experiences, and lessons I’ve learned.

Q:What advice do you have for someone that is threatened by poetry?

A:Poetry is a powerful form of expression.  Poetry is the truth and some people are scared and threatened by the truth. But when you add melody to the truth, people can accept it easier. The truth becomes less threatening. 

Q:What is an interesting fact about you?

A:I have a hearing loss. Since I was a child, I was told that I would have difficulty completing school and playing basketball. I beat all the academic odds placed against me. Plus, I played basketball. Which everyone said I could not do. I did and I excelled, The same with my music. In the world, it makes no sense for someone with a hearing loss to make music. But, anything and everything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Q:Where are you from/Where do you live?  

A:Born and raised in Washington D.C.  in North West (Uptown)

Q:Who is your favorite poet? 

A:Tupac Shakur. He motivates me to use my words and inspire others.


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